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Dentures no longer have the stigma they once did. As technology increases, you can now take advantage of partial dentures which provides you teeth in between the spaces. If you have lost a tooth or several due to bad oral habits or trauma, we can help replace them with partial dentures.

We can help make adjustments for your dentures if they are no longer fitting comfortably for you.

Cast metal partial dentures are a great option for anyone. If you are looking for a sturdy set that contains heavy duty materials so you can feel confident your teeth will stay in place, then the cast metal partial dentures are for you. Make an appointment to learn more.

Permanent partials

Another popular type of partial dentures is the flexible denture. This type of dentures are removable so you can take them out and put them back in as needed. This helps preserve your dentures when you are eating or need to clean them. They are custom fitted for you.

Removable partials

There are two types of partial dentures; we can provide you with depending on your situation and your preference. You can choose between cast metal or flexible partial dentures.

Choose the dentures that fit your style and preference

Replace just a few teeth with partial dentures