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Whether you are trying to speak or eat, your dentures can pose problems, causing them to come out during the most inconvenient times. We make your dentures more stable while you are doing normal things through the help of denture retention implants.

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Are you missing a tooth? If you want a solution to that missing tooth you are dealing with, we offer several options including a single dental implant. This allows you to replace your natural tooth with a tooth that is designed to look just like it.

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The single tooth implant is an easy and quick application that relieves the embarrassment of a missing tooth. By adding the tooth implant, we will put in a titanium rod that compensates as the root of the tooth. This type of implant is sturdy and durable.

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If you are interested in the denture retention implants, you will get miniature titanium rods placed in your mouth to help hold the dentures. This helps you to eat and speak more clearly.

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